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Well if you have some penny left after the regular stock market crashes...

Friday, January 31, 2003

The Motley Fool Investment Guide

Buy @ amazonby D. & T. Gardner.
Now a classic with their Foolish-4 portfolio that beats 99% of funds managers but take only 10 minutes per year to manage! (with 30 y. of stats to prove it too!) A must-read if you want to start investing yourself but are not too confident.

And... you can even buy the book here
8:54 AM

The Motley Fool's Rule Breakers, Rule Makers : A Foolish Guide to Picking Stocks

Buy @ amazonby D. & T. Gardner.
One of the latest book by the 2 brothers. They're smart, they invest their money for real (as opposed to other simulated portfolios) and it has recently been multiplied by 10 in less than 5 years! But this was written at the height of the technology bubble...

And... you can even buy the book here
8:43 AM

Unemotional Investor

Buy @ amazonby Robert Sheard.
Formerly from the Fools team, Robert Sheard defines a more aggressive way to invest your money. As usual with the Fools, it is full of back dated information and checks. Quite interesting, but the main strategy works best on a monthly basis which involves more work and more capital gains...In this market however, it is a matter of survival to be ..."unemotional"!

And... you can even buy the book here
8:40 AM

What Works On Wall Street

Buy @ amazonby James O'Shaughnessy.
A lot of stats to prove what works...but then can future be predicted by the past?

And... you can even buy the book here
8:39 AM


Buy @ amazonby Mary Buffet.
Ok, with Soros, Warren Buffet is... up there!!! from $100,000 to $25 Billion! This book is a bit special as it is written by somebody from his family and she had access to him more than anybody else!

And... you can even buy the book here
8:37 AM

Beating The Street

Buy @ amazonby Peter Lynch.
From the Magellan Master, a megafund he managed for years.

And... you can even buy the book here
8:33 AM

Monday, January 27, 2003

The Millionaire Next Door

Buy @ amazonby Thomas J. Stanley & Williams Danko.
Do they own a Ferrari? Do they live in a posh area? Do they look like Millionaires? You guessed it: not. It is an interesting, however a bit repetitive book about the profile of an American millionaire in the 90s.

And... you can even buy the book here
4:45 PM


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