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Welcome to Xhenseval.com. This site is dedicated to great Distibuted technologies and some fun too.


Based in London, ObjectLab.co.uk provides Software consultancy (Java & XML) to major international companies and is currently helping developing a major Stock/Borrow trading system for a big European Bank.

Good books for MySQL The Definitive Guide to MySQL 5 and the HIgh Performance MySQL

Dell help you choose which Notebook is right for you! New recommended books: Pragmatic Project Automation: How to... and Better, Faster, Lighter Java

Dundee Wharf, a very nice London development has a website.

JFreeChart It is a great Java Chart package (to which we have contributed a tiny-weeny bit). It can work easily as part of an application or on the server-side with generation of JPG or PNG. Highly recommended!

New Job at ObjectLab worth having a look

Expert One on One: J2EE Design and Development

by Rod Johnson. I have just read Rod' interview on TheServerSide.com (see here) and I am impressed, so impressed that the next book on my list will be this one!

And... you can even buy the book here

A great site for snippets of Java Code Java Almanac

London news

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