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Go on, life is so short... have a laugh!Coming from the Land Of Comics (Belgium) it was difficult for me to initially find anything worth a read... Until I came across a few authors and their characters: Dan Dare, Calvin & Hobbes, Garfield, Grimmy, Dilbert. Very often those are excelling in the category sarcastic/funny comments in just a few strips. Very few have developed any complex stories, apart from Dan Dare. Just follow the link to buy those wonderful books

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

Buy @ amazonby Bill Waterson.

And... you can even buy the book here

5:28 PM

It is a Magical World

Buy @ amazonby Bill Waterson.
After a decade of great cartoons, Mr Waterson has decided to retire; this is the last book from Calvin & Hobbes, readers be sad.

And... you can even buy the book here

5:25 PM

Dan Dare Vol 9: Terra Nova Trilogy

Buy @ amazonby Mike Higgs.
Discover Terra Nova, a planet so much like the Earth. Discover Dan Dare, pilot of the Future who, 30 years after his father, decides to fly off to this new world. Exciting, great technique, imaginative usage of the page and definitely a sense of the 50s.
And... you can even buy the book here

5:20 PM

The Dilbert Principle

Buy @ amazonby Scott Adams.
A book to give to any young graduate as they enter the Corporate World. To discover the subtilities of Management waffles and a clean introduction to sarcasm!

And... you can even buy the book here

2:48 PM

Dogbert's Management Handbook

Buy @ amazonby Scott Adams.
Ok, you wanna be a manager then, you better read this! And try to keep a straight face! If you don't get it then you can probably become a manager or better a PHB.

And... you can even buy the book here

2:42 PM

Dilbert: Seven Years of Highly Defective People

Buy @ amazonby Scott Adams.
The Genesis of Dilbert, viewed and commented by Scott Adams, hilarious!!!

And... you can even buy the book here

2:40 PM

Dilbert: Fugitive from the Cubicle Police

Buy @ amazonby Scott Adams.
More of the same, but still very very good! I think that the subject cannot be exhausted! Look at how many people are talking about their boss...

And... you can even buy the book here

2:38 PM

Friday, January 24, 2003

Grimmy Good Dog, Bad Breath

Buy @ amazonby Mike Peters.
A wicked dog, a yellow Garfield? No, a category on its own!

And... you can even buy the book here

4:07 PM

Garfield's 20th Anniversary Collection

Buy @ amazonby Jim Davis.
20 years of diet, Oddie, vet and spiders. All explained. A must-have!.

And... you can even buy the book here

4:05 PM


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