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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Notes From A Big Country

Buy @ amazonby Bill Bryson.
Well, now that he is in the USA; there had to be a counterpart and it is funny winge winge and more winge as his wife woul say! It is so sarcastic that the americans (amazon.com) did not sell it for a while! :-)

And... you can even buy the book here
6:34 PM

Last Chance to See

Buy @ amazonby Douglas Adams.
Douglas Adams, the same one who wrote The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy with his irreverant sense of humour, crazy imagination, writing a book about Nature? Yep! and how great it is! Last Chance to See is brilliantly written, poetic, and heart-rendingly poignant. The brilliant Douglas Adams combines his keen sense of humour with his profound love for nature and the result is a touching, engrossing tale about some the rarest animals on earth. This is a must read for any nature lover!
And... you can even buy the book here
6:25 PM

3001: The Final Odyssey

Buy @ amazonby Arthur C. Clarke.
An amazing Final Odyssey, I was not expecting it to finish like this... at all! And I'm not going to say anything else...

And... you can even buy the book here
6:23 PM

The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest

Buy @ amazonby Po Bronson.
Engineers, this is good fun! I've found this book very entertaining and difficult to put down. Okay the story is not his best (Bombardiers is more developed) but I think that Po Bronson managed to grasp the "freedom" spirit that animates Engineers. The fact that most engineers despise Office Politics but are often dragged into it; the sense of humour, irreverant and cheeky being part of their life. If you like Dilbert, you'll like this sneaky "insider" story!The story is simply the birth of the Network Computer and quite simpy we could swap names: Bill, Larry, etc...
And... you can even buy the book here
6:22 PM


Buy @ amazonby Po Bronson.
Traders... fascinating and bunch of ruthless individuals, world of money, power, fame and falls... It reads fast, gribs and has a... surprising end!

And... you can even buy the book here
6:20 PM

Bonfire of the Vanities

Buy @ amazonby Tom Wolfe.
Tom Wolfe's electrifying style keeps you flicking the pages desperate to find out 'What next?'

And... you can even buy the book here
6:14 PM

The God Of Small Things

Buy @ amazonby Arundhati Roy.
An Award-winning novel, her first novel; so it triggered my mind, after reading it, the jury is still out. not a bad read by not quite as exciting/fulfilling as what the press might say... may be I missed it? Probably have, you to judge!

And... you can even buy the book here
6:08 PM

The English

Buy @ amazonby Jeremy Paxman.
Recommended by P. Mitchell. Jeremy Paxman, journalist and news presenter at BBC2 is casting a rather sharp eye on the English, their history and culture, a must read if you wanna understand them!

And... you can even buy the book here
6:07 PM

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Notes From A Small Island

Buy @ amazonby Bill Bryson.
Very funny, Bill Bryson is an American who happened to live in the UK; now, on his way back to the US in order to give his children a view of another society and his wife an opportunity to shop til 10pm, every day, he decides to travel through the UK, by public transport, and the result is simply hilarious! A must read. a pearl!

And... you can even buy the book here
10:14 PM


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