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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Touching The Void

Buy @ amazonby Joe Simpson.
The extraordinary survival effort of this chap, a true miracle and lesson of courage!

And... you can even buy the book here

5:59 PM

K2: the Story of the Savage Mountain

Buy @ amazonby Jim Curan.
To me, the K2 with its mystic name and "matterhon-like" shape (except that it is nearly 2 on top of each other) is THE incarnation of what a mountain is: beautiful, majestic, merciless.

And... you can even buy the book here

5:58 PM

Into The Wild

Buy @ amazonby Jon Krakauer.
Chris, a young graduate gave all his savings to a charity, took his guitar and car and went on the road. His parents will never hear from him again. 2 years later, he is found, dead, in an abandonned bus in the middle of Alaska. He died of hunger! In a vivid and torough investigation, Jon Krakauer tries to retrace the journey of Chris, was he mad and careless as some have affirmed, or was there something else. Deep and disturbing, brilliantly written.

And... you can even buy the book here

5:57 PM

Into Thin Air

Buy @ amazonby Jon Krakauer.
1996. Everest. Too Many People. Terrible Storm. Too Many Dead. This book is a bit of a therapy for Jon Krakauer, it is very emotional and will grip you from page one.

And... you can even buy the book here

5:55 PM

This Game of Ghosts

Buy @ amazonby Joe Simpson.
Another book by Mr Miraculous!  And indeed you will discover how many times this guy managed to cheat death... unlike a lot of his friends...  This book is a bit too much of an anthology of Death.

And... you can even buy the book here

5:53 PM

Friday, January 31, 2003

Everest : Mountain Without Mercy

Buy @ amazonby B. Coburn.
The 1996 campain in pictures by the team who made the IMAX movie Everest.

And... you can even buy the book here

9:00 AM

Monday, January 27, 2003

Annapurna, First Conquest of an 8000-Meter Peak : (26,493 Feet)

Buy @ amazonby Maurice Herzog.
Written in 1950 but still so up-to-date. A vivid description of the first ascent of a 8,000 m. mountain.

And... you can even buy the book here

4:48 PM


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